Reasons Behind the Popularity Of Android Operating System


The current generation is quickly moving to Android operating system to experience a whole new world of smart mobiles. Despite there are other operating systems available in the market, Android has made a significant market share and is the leading operating system among the others in terms of users. The popularity of this operating system is due to the flexibility and features it offers to its users for executing different activities over the phone that is limited in the other operating systems available in the market. The wide compatibility range of videos, audios, images, GPS, 2D/3D graphics are some of the highly recognized feature of Android Operating System.
In addition to this the community of Android Developers is very large that flood the android application world with new and latest applications frequently. Most of the applications oriented towards android operating systems are free or cost effective therefore that is not case with other operating systems. Users who are using iOS, or windows have to pay heavily to download some of the effective applications for their different activities and thus it is a negative sign about these two operations system.

android apps development servicesAndroid applications are developed through Java language and if any individual is not proficient in Java then also one can develop Android Application by following simple guidelines. This flexibility again helps in increasing the members in the Android Applications Development community. In addition to this their are various tutorials available in the market that helps the developers to polish their skill sets and this helps in keeping the developers intact with the community.

A good tutorial is efficient enough in teaching the development methodology, bugs determination, debugging process, modifying format, and running the application. By using these available tutorials one can showcase their skill set in evolving some of the effective android applications that can create revolution in the world of smart phones. It has been observed that most of the prominent applications have started their journey through Android development only and after gaining significant popularity they escalated their roots to iOS, and windows.
No doubt Android has significant advantages over the other two operating systems, but due to increased applications in the market rerun of applications are rising at a frequent rate that creates issues for the users in choosing the right application. But, still it provides ample options to cater the requirements of users.


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