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In the present scenario it can be said that mobile app development has become an integrated part of the software development process. Software development is a challenging task and at each stage it requires higher level of skill, precision and talent. Application development on the other hand is transforming the way hardware can be used by an individual as these applications are designed for performing a specific task that was not possible by just installing the respective software. In the last 10 years the world of mobile application development has expanded in a significant manner and has attracted many developers to showcase their talent in this field. Mobile now is not just a medium of communication and has now become a medium of performing various businesses as well personal activities.Different operating systems have different specifications and accordingly different applications are designed by considering respective specifications.

Here are the different operating systems and the development process required: -

iOS Development: – iOS is considered to be proprietary software and as it is structured operating system, developers find it easy to develop different mobile applications considering the ways described. Due to these described ways many mobile app developers like to develop their applications in iPhone. But, along with this there are many restrictions that are not yet overcome by the application developers.

mobile application development Android Application Development: – Android is an open source platform introduced to the world by Google. Android gives the flexibility to the developers similar to Linux and thus gives impeccable opportunities to develop customized applications for various tasks. In addition to this flexibility the platform also give endless opportunity to expand the platform, which later on create complexities during integration of these applications with different generic mobiles. Android developers also face issues when the platform is upgraded, as developers have to again synchronize the applications with the upgraded version.

Windows Application Development: – Microsoft is also competing in the race of better mobile applications and thus encouraging different developers to develop applications for windows mobiles. By attracting students Microsoft is developing its pool of developers and contributing to the application world in a significant manner. As windows operating system has recently gained a significant response from the consumers the pool of applications have now started catching up pace along with different operating systems.

It can be concluded that mobile app development is a growing field and as the number of mobile users are increasing day by day the demand of different applications are also increasing at a similar pace. Different mobile application development companies have triggered their development process in a significant manner to meet the diversified needs of individuals and corporate clients.


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