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We are all surrounded with technology in one or other way and we have come so far that imaging our lives without the word Technology seems impossible. The dependency on technology is so much that distraction from mobile phones for seconds too becomes a case of increased blood pressure for most of the youngsters. The situation has arisen where technology is our driver and we are on the back seat. If one forgets to take mobile phone with itself, there will be thousands of questions that one will start forming inside, that include what if anyone calls? What if I had to call someone? What if an important message arrived? What if any friend or relative wants my help? What if my boss called up for something? These are some questions but there could be more than the above stated questions.

Most of the people of 90s and before have spend their childhood without this magical instrument called mobile phone invented to connect people, but life was much more comfortable and productive without these technical ninjas. Today we live in the world where staying connected has become necessary for everyone, everywhere but again the question arises do we need so? The person who has spent more than 25 years without mobile phones is now a slave of this small gadget and spending just 5 hours without mobile phone is like spending 5 years without it.

But, the people who have initiated on this front have some interesting facts to reveal. Some of them felt really relieved as instead of having a chat on Whatsapp or Facebook they started meeting people face to face in order to stay connected which was much more rejuvenating for them. People can have a really deep, meaningful conversation if they stop looking at their mobile phones in between. If someone has given you time for some important conversation it is really important for one to be present mentally along with his physical presence and that can be hindered due to regular visit on Facebook through mobile phones.

It is we who have made ourselves a slave of gadgets and technology. Mobile software development companies in UK, USA and other different areas each day add something new to attract the users and always have their own ways to keep the users intact to the technology. On the other hand we do not have to live on urgency always, there is no rule that defines that one needs to be in a hurry to complete the tasks and cannot enjoy the moment for a while. Try spending some time without digital gadgets and take a experience of a hassle free life for a while, the dependency on these gadgets will automatically be restricted. Boycotting completely is not the solution to this as this as much important as any other stuff but putting a limitation on its use will definitely bring a peace to your life.


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