Helpful Tools for PHP developers to Reduce Development Time


PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a widely used programming language, for developing websites.  Working with PHP is not a complex task as it can be easily used in combinations with HTML and other web frameworks.  However, we cannot withstand the fact that PHP encryption poses certain complexities and so it is a requisite to use certain tools that makes the process of website designing even simpler. PHP development companies use different tools to render the needs of their various projects.  1) Framework:   It is the most important part of PHP development and should be efficient enough to allow the developed websites run, on the server. Content Management System, CodeIgniter, Cake PHP and Zend are some of the frameworks that allow an uninterrupted functioning of the project. A renowned PHP development company of UK offers complete advisory services as well as installation services and selects the right framework, peculiarly for your business model.

2) Version control system: PHP is completely a code based language where all the programs are written is specific codes. All the encryptions are to be protected to maintain the integrity of the business. A proficient PHP development service provider offers its clients a set of options including CVS, SVN etc, to ensure safety and quality of the codes.

3) ERD tool: While encoding a large amount of data, you might tend to skip certain important details, which can prove disastrous.  ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) helps you to visualize your database in more synchronized manner and keeps it connected with the actual database you wish to imbibe in the encryption. Most of the development companies identify your project genre, and develop a suitable diagram based on the complexity of data contained in personal or a corporate project.

4) Debugging:  The process of debugging eliminates all possible bugs that might arise in the programming phase. For this a debugging tool is used which is considered to be a developer’s best friend and allows him to handover an error free and efficient PHP program to the client. A debugging tool breaks down the code and may test its execution with respect to the external environment.  This allows you to judge the troublesome areas and the efficient ones.php1.png

5) Unit testing tool:  It plays a very important role in the development process. Each individual unit of the encoded data is put together with operational procedures and control data and each small testable portion is identified. This ensures that all the encrypted codes form the requisite design.

These tools are versatile enough to cater the needs of PHP development and to achieve efficient results.


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