Future of software development: user-centered software design

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Change is learning and learning creates knowledge. Software development incorporates practical knowledge and explains why changes are important in the development process. In Today’s generation software needs to respond to changes quickly. The approach of software development service providers towards software development is like making the simplest possible system that satisfies today’s requirement and is ready to adapt according to the recent updates.
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The concept of software development has been dynamic from time to time in step with the “requirement” of the users and also the numerous technologies coming in the market. Requirement is the base for software development process, so the success of any software project is directly associated with the quality of its requirements. Changes that happen throughout the development process possess risk to cost and quality of the product, but however at the same time offer a chance to add value or quality to satisfy the customer’s requirement. These changes start taking place from the initial step of software designing up to the implementation phase of the cycle.

Requirement Volatility has result on the value, the schedule and also the quality of final product. Every phase of software development is affected and plenty of projects fail due to requirements volatility. However, coupled with great impact for the success of software development.

Apart from the user’s demand, different factors co-jointly plays vital role in need of constant changes in the software development. Competition in the market plays a major role and provides a motive for doing the changes within software development like additional attention is given to “look and feel”, usability, and adaptability of the product, which gains the eye from the users. Various software services provider releases software and then upgrades their product and release new versions making user comfortable with the product.

All software development projects implicitly have associated risks. The key risk occurs when changes are brought during the development of software. There is always an uncertainty during the development process and a risk of unsuccessful product unharnessed in market.


We have come a long way since then and learned a lot about making software. With the appearance of modern programming languages like Java, PHP, Python and Ruby and wealthy libraries, we are arriving to one more revolutionary era. Larger number of developers are changing their focus from developing software for computers to developing apps for mobile devices like the iPhone, and Android. New devices and operating systems, like Windows mobile, Android versions are preparing a platform for skilled and proficient developer who can apply innovative ideas to make product more useful day-by-day.

We can predict the long term effect based on present scenario of software development and on the idea of that we are likely to see possible changes in the forthcoming years like High-quality, passionate software engineers will be in very high demand and the changes that we are witnessing today in the social software market are going to reach the enterprise level. In particular, software development is going to stay as extremely competitive and prestigious field forever.


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