Why Mobile Applications Have Become Lifeline For Business

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Why Mobile Applications Have Become Lifeline For Business


It is clear that mobiles have taken a significant place in the life’s of different individuals. The advent of smart phones has further deepened the roots of these digital gadgets in our society. Through these smart phones one can do anything with help of some clicks. Many phones are suppressing the desktops and laptops in a significant manner too. Now the question arises why mobile applications hold so much importance in every business. These applications have widen the horizon for business holders as the provide them a medium to reach there customers directly without any barrier. Continue reading

Mobile Application Development For Various Platforms

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In the present scenario it can be said that mobile app development has become an integrated part of the software development process. Software development is a challenging task and at each stage it requires higher level of skill, precision and talent. Application development on the other hand is transforming the way hardware can be used by an individual as these applications are designed for performing a specific task that was not possible by just installing the respective software. Continue reading

Reasons Behind the Popularity Of Android Operating System


The current generation is quickly moving to Android operating system to experience a whole new world of smart mobiles. Despite there are other operating systems available in the market, Android has made a significant market share and is the leading operating system among the others in terms of users. The popularity of this operating system is due to the flexibility and features it offers to its users for executing different activities over the phone that is limited in the other operating systems available in the market. Continue reading

Android Lollipop 5.0


Google has come up with another pleasant surprise for its users with “Android Lollipop 5.0” this year on 15 October 2014. Customers and developers were desperately waiting for this software’s launch. Since it is on air, it has fulfilled the user expectations with its attractive features.

Keeping a few old features little modified, Android Apps Developers in London has come out with much better features this time. Here are some of them.

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