Best Ways to increase site traffic using Magento Development


Each and every individual wants to have a great amount of traffic on the website it holds and if one is using Magento Content Management System one must know what exactly is the technical stature of Magento CMS. As it is an open source CMS, creating online shopping stores is convenient through this CMS. With the features like social media integration, tools to cater social media optimization, and architecture based on PHP for customization further add on the features of Magento.

In order to have a significant traffic on Magento website one must consider the following factors: -

Fixing Technical Issues: – A proficient Magento Developer is always keen to identify technical issues and to fix them in a timely manner, as it will directly lead a negative impact on the visitors and it is likely that a website with technical issues will loose visitors. One must try to omit dead links, inappropriate structured URLs and unreadable URLs.

Make A Position With Google: – If one wants to be on the top listing of Google, it is necessary that one should understand the trends that are prevalent for search engine optimization. Using intelligent content on the website is one such trend that can help the website in boosting its ranking among the competitors. Data driven content is another recommendation from experts for enhancing the popularity of a website.

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Keyword Rich URLs: – Human readable contents are the ones who usually get a significant amount of traffic. Magento has the feature to develop human readable URLs that are easily accessible to web spiders and online visitors that again add to the creditability of the website. By installing the plug-in for the feature one can easily develop human readable URLs.

Cater Social Media Needs: – Social Media is the biggest platform in the present scenario to showcase the products and services one is offering to its customers. It has been identified that 70% of online shopping is drived through the active online campaigns run by different website holders on the social media platforms.

Respond Queries: – If an individual is active in responding to the queries of its customers than it is likely that it will help the website to build a healthy and trust worthy relationship with the visitors. A website that is active in responding to the queries of its visitors are the ones who usually get a significant amount of traffic on it.

Consistent Posting: – One must be consistent in posting content on the social media platforms, as more one will post the content the more it will help in keeping the visitors intact with the website. It is recommended that updating the website for atleast three to five times will be beneficial to generate more traffic.


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