Monthly Archives: December 2014

Ecommerce: – The Future Full Of Opportunities


21st Century has seen a revolution in terms of retail shopping as the advent of ecommerce has taken the place of traditional shopping style of people. The Internet, which was once used just for the information is now a platform for many business holders to expand their horizons by engaging themselves in online trading. The perks of online trading is increasing day by day and is attracting more and more business holders to portray their business online. Continue reading

Best Ways to increase site traffic using Magento Development


Each and every individual wants to have a great amount of traffic on the website it holds and if one is using Magento Content Management System one must know what exactly is the technical stature of Magento CMS. As it is an open source CMS, creating online shopping stores is convenient through this CMS. With the features like social media integration, tools to cater social media optimization, and architecture based on PHP for customization further add on the features of Magento. Continue reading

Reasons Behind the Popularity Of Android Operating System


The current generation is quickly moving to Android operating system to experience a whole new world of smart mobiles. Despite there are other operating systems available in the market, Android has made a significant market share and is the leading operating system among the others in terms of users. The popularity of this operating system is due to the flexibility and features it offers to its users for executing different activities over the phone that is limited in the other operating systems available in the market. Continue reading